Xerox WorkCentre Series Photocopier

Xerox was first founded in 1906 and was originally known as The Haloid Photographic Company. The company began as a manufacturer of photographic paper and equipment but following Chester Carlson’s invention of xerographic printing they signed an agreement to develop the product for commercial purposes, a move that set Xerox on a path of growth and success.

Xerox now specialise in copying solutions, they are known for providing document services and technology all around the world, they also have many document management, communications and print services available.

Specifically recognised for superior quality of paper handling and the adaptability of their photocopiers; Xerox are innovative, top of the game in terms of technology and understanding, and produce incredibly high quality equipment. Here are reviews of three of their products.

Colour Xerox Photocopiers

Xerox WorkCentre 7120

Xerox WorkCentre 7120 photocopier

The Xerox WorkCentre 7120 is a multifunctional printer that allows you to copy, scan and print documents in colour or monochrome. This copier is targeted towards smaller businesses and uses colour laser printing to give crisp, clear and high quality prints.


This printer can process print and copying jobs at a relatively standard speed of 20ppm, this is the speed for both colour and monochrome printing. The maximum number of sheets you can put into the Xerox WorkCentre 7120 feeder at once is 1,090 and the total of 500 sheets will fit into the output tray.

Compared to the rest of the available printers this machine is a lower volume as the maximum number of prints per month is 50,000 – the average in the range is just over 197,000 and the maximum is 7.8 million, so when searching for a machine take into account the amount of prints you need to be capable of printing each month as there is a huge variety available.

The maximum resolution for copying and scanning monochrome or colour prints is 600 x 600 dpi which will produce a clear, quality picture.


This photocopier has standard ethernet and USB connections, can be operated with Linux, Mac OS or Windows and has a standard memory of 2 GB. It is also easy to use thanks to its 7 inch, simple to operate, touchscreen display and the automatic resize feature of the copier helps to make sure every copy comes out perfectly.

Use plain paper, heavy matte paper and labels with this machine helping to keep options open and flexibility when printing.


The recommended retail price from the manufacturer was over £5,000 when this machine was new, it has since been replaced by newer models, this means you can buy a refurbished Xerox WorkCentre 7120 for under £2000 on Amazon.

Colour Xerox Multifunction Printers

Xerox 7535 Model

Xerox 7535 Photocopier

The Xerox 7535 has the standard functions of email, copy, scan and print as well as an optional fax function. The 7535 can copy and print in both colour as well as black and white at speeds of 35 prints per minute.

This printer is perfect for a small, growing business and the colour laser printing produces rich, clear text and pictures making sure the end product is eye catching and makes an impact.


The Xerox 7535 model has a slightly faster processing speed of 35 prints per minute and is capable of holding 4,180 sheets in the feeder at once. The maximum monthly print amount is 110,000, this is over double the amount the 7120 can process making the 7535 more suitable for businesses who are printing larger amounts. T/

he resolution is also higher when using this machine (1200 x 2400 dpi) and has more space with 3GB standard machine memory and 160GB of hard drive memory as standard, as well as more space you will be able to use more media types with the 7535; in addition to the plain paper, heavy weight paper and labels you can also use bond paper, photo paper, envelopes and film/ transparencies. Overall you have more capability and flexibility with this multifunction printer.


Not only will this model improve your productivity but it is also simple to operate, keeping effort to a minimal and results to a maximum.

Connect a computer via an Ethernet cable, USB or through wifi and the touch screen display is easily operated making printing jobs simple to find and settings uncomplicated to enter. Print from and scan to a USB meaning it is not a problem when you’re not at your computer and if you are at your computer you can send or receive faxes directly from your desktop.


The advertised price for this model is just under £5,000, this is a discounted rate from the original price of over £10,000 (the discount is due to this being an older model). If you wanted to lease the Xerox 7535 it would cost you around £150 per month.

Xerox Colour High Performance Printers

Xerox Colour 560

Xerox Colour 560 copier

The Xerox Colour 560 is one of the highest performing printers available from Xerox, it has all the features you could need in a busy office environment combined with high quality production and straightforward operation.


The Colour 560 is one of the fastest processing printers available as it can print and copy in black and white at a rate of 65 pages per minute and can print colour pages at a rate of 60 per minute.

This high speed processing combined with a very high maximum input capacity of 7,260 sheets means the monthly maximum amount of pages being printed is 300,000 pages – this is above the average for printers.

The Colour 560 can copy, print, fax and scan, it has an automatic feeder for the printer and can copy in colour. The printing resolution for both colour and black and white is 2,400dpi ensuring all prints are high quality and crisper results.


The Colour 560 has all the features you would need for a vast range of job and production needs, this machine has the capabilities of large, high volume machines while still managing to cater to specific needs, you can buy the machine with different controllers depending on what you require from it, this is a unique benefit to buying to 560. When you are printing on both sides of the page, the machine will automatically duplex the light-weight stock making it easier, quicker and requiring less manual input.

There is also an integrated security function that makes sure any documents containing sensitive data will be concealed in the print queue until a secure password is entered for them to be printed.

As well as the standard features there are additional options you can opt to include with this machine including a catch tray, professional finisher and advanced finisher. The advanced finisher would add hole punching (2 or 4) and also offers stables (five-sheet).


The Colour 560 is priced at around £11,000, this is down from the original price of £25,000 due to this being an older model from Xerox. You can buy, rent, or lease this printer depending on what best suits your business.

Summary Of Xerox Copiers

These are very high quality, multi-function machines that allow you to have all of your document production needs in one place.

They are all extremely well priced considering their features and functions and their ability to print in black and white as well as colour printing. Each of these colour printers has something slightly different to offer to suit the individual needs of businesses as well as having additional extra available too.

They all print professionally finished documents and will improve productivity in busy offices thanks to their easy operation and impressive capabilities.