Best Toshiba e-studio machine

Two separate companies merged to form Toshiba in 1939, combining their knowledge and expertise to create one of the most innovative and well known business technology companies in the world.

The Toshiba photocopiers have a reputation for being reliable, high quality and packed with great features. The combination of speed, quality and durability makes Toshiba one of the top photocopier manufacturers for businesses.

1. Toshiba e-Studio 203SD

Toshiba e-Studio 203SD

This black and white multifunction copier is ideal for small growing businesses, it is cost effective, compact and quiet so would suit any office environment. The high quality 600 dpi documents are printed at a rate of 20 pages per minute and the standard 300 sheet capacity means it is always ready to print.

The e-Studio 203SD has full colour scanning, a USB connection and a desktop document manager tool allowing you easily scan to digital files that can be archived, printed or emailed. Despite its small footprint, there are plenty of features, including: automatic duplexing, an optional fax feature and the scan once, print many all helping to make the e-Studio 203SD fantastic for a high variety of office duties. You can easily and quickly print, copy or scan with the e-Studio 203SD making your printing jobs effortless.

2. Toshiba e-Studio 263CS

Toshiba e-Studio 263CS

The Toshiba e-Studio 263CS is a smart, easy to use and fully featured copier that can print in black and white as well as colour. The e-Studio 263CS is compact enough to fit comfortably in any office space and this does not mean you lose out on features as this model is full of them!

Scan, copy, print and fax using the e-Studio 263CS and the print speed is 30 pages per minute for black and white documents and 26 prints per minute for colour documents.  The print quality is an excellent 1200 x 600 dpi and the paper capacity is 350 pages as standard or 880 pages as maximum. You’ll also find there are other useful features such as automatic duplex printing and the ability to use a range of paper types when printing.

3. Toshiba e-Studio 3055C

Toshiba e-Studio 3055C

This is a great all round printer for small business, it is multifunction meaning you can print, copy and scan all from one machine and it offers colour printing. The e-Studio 3055C can print 30 pages per minute at a high resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi.

You can quickly scan up to 73 images per minute and these can be saved in multiple popular formats. The e-Studio 3055C also features Toshiba’s e-Bridge software that allows you to increase and expand e-Studio’s capabilities.

On top of this your e-Studio 3055C has a maximum paper capacity of 3200 sheets and there are extra options available such as automatic stapling, hole-punching and saddle stitching. This multifunction copier will streamline your jobs, making them simple, easy and completed at the highest quality.

4. Toshiba e-Studio 456SE

Toshiba e-Studio 456SE

The e-Studio 456SE is a black and white multifunction copier than can print, scan and copy. It uses laser printing technology to provide exceptionally high resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi at generous print speeds of up to 45 pages per minute.

You can use paper sizes up to A3 with the e-Studio 456SE and the paper capacity of 1200 pages or a maximum 3200 pages means this model can handle high volume jobs with ease. There are also optional automatic finishing options that can hole-punch or staple your documents to save you even more time.

This is an efficient, high volume and high quality photocopier that guarantees impressive prints in next to no time.

Toshiba e-Studio 856SE

Toshiba e-Studio 856SE

If your business is looking for a high volume photocopier that can print, copy, fax and scan in black and white the Toshiba e-Studio 856SE may be worth a look. This has an impressive print speed of 85 pages per minute, can hold 3600 pages as standard or 7600 pages as maximum capacity and prints with an impressive 2400 x 600 dpi resolution.

Not only does it handle jobs efficiently but it can also handle paper sizes up to A3 giving you more freedom and flexibility of media type. The e-Studio 856SE is easy to use, has straightforward network connection abilities and has security features to help keep your data secure.

5. Toshiba e-Studio 6540CG

Toshiba e-Studio6540CG

This is a great multifunction colour printer for growing medium sized businesses, it is able to print at impressive speeds of 65 prints per minute and can copy, scan and fax documents too. The e-Studio6540CG is incredibly productive with an automatic paper size detection, blank page omission and automatic duplexing. You can expect high quality images of 1200 x 1200 dpi that will give clear and vibrant colour and text with every print.

To control this copier is a tilting colour control panel that is easy to read, easy to use and customisable. There are a range of security features included such as authentication and hard drive overwrite features. This is durable, efficient and able to handle large jobs.

6. Toshiba e-Studio 6550cse

Toshiba e-Studio 6550cse

The e-Studio 6550cse is one of the very top of the range photocopiers in the Toshiba range, it can print, copy, scan and fax in full colour. The colours are always rich and vibrant, even when printing up to 65 pages per minute you do not lose out on quality. If you were printing in monochrome you will experience an even faster print speed of 75 pages per minute.

No matter how big the demand is, the e-Studio 6550cse will be able to handle it, with fully automatic document processing and storing you will have no trouble relocating your documents. There are several colour modes and settings to choose from to ensure your prints are always perfect and you can expect print quality of 600 x 600 dpi.

There are also several accounting and security features on the e-Studio 6550cse such as private print, data encryption and data overwrite enabler so you can be sure your data is secure. The e-Studio 6550cse is a reliable, versatile and extremely impressive piece of equipment that would suit any large business.

Toshiba e-Studio General Summary

Toshiba is a well known brand and for very good reason, they provide excellent photocopiers that you know will be reliable and produce a profession, high quality finish to your documents.

These photocopiers are all slightly different but there is bound to be one that suits your business’ needs in the available range, each one has varying features and you can also add on extra features too. Toshiba photocopiers are powerful, reliable and versatile so no matter which one suits your business best, you know the quality will be high.