Choosing from the top commercial photocopier suppliers makes sense when you’re looking for a photocopier for your business. You’re investing your company’s money in a piece of equipment that will allow your business to run smoother and more efficiently. Therefore, you don’t want to experience unavoidable breakdowns or poor quality prints. Choose from a well known and trusted commercial copier company. Then, you’ll find you have less downtime and much better quality images than if you select a machine from a  lesser-known copier supplier.

But how do you know which company to choose from?

Look at the following list of the top eight copier companies in the UK. You’ll find that all have traded for many years, and some were even the front runners in developing innovative digital technology. Furthermore, most have been around for longer than the hi-tech companies popular today. Moreover, some were trading even before offices thought of digital photocopiers. But, they have adapted to change and now are at the forefront of the digital photocopier marketplace.

You’ll probably find that most photocopier machine companies on the list are household names and have reputations to consider and uphold. Those are the copier suppliers to use as they have the resources to ensure their equipment works day in and day out.

Top 8 Commercial Photocopier Companies in the UK

The following list shows the top 8 business photocopier brands in the UK. We have only put them in alphabetical order as the best copier for the job depends on your company’s requirements and circumstances.

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Konica Minolta
  • Ricoh
  • Sharp
  • Xerox

1. Brother

Brother was originally a Japanese company and had traded for over 100 years in a wide range of mechanical equipment, from motorbikes to typewriters. The company started selling in Europe from Ireland in 1958, and in 1968 took over a sewing machine company in Manchester, UK.

In 1971, the company developed the world’s first high-speed dot matrix printer, the world’s thinnest portable printer in 2004, and the first WiFi scanner.

With this background, it’s no wonder that Brother is one of the best known commercial photocopier brands in the UK. Generally, it has a wide and versatile range of digital office scanners, printers and label printers to suit just about any commercial situation.

We can summarise Brother’s features as:

  • Brother has traded for over 100 years and in the UK since 1968.
  • Its office products benefit from the company’s continual programme of R&D.
  • The company provides digital workplace solutions and targets all sized businesses to help them work more efficiently.

Brother website

2. Canon

Canon is one of the world’s leading digital printing and copy machine manufacturers. Moreover, the company’s best selling product is the multifunctional printer that combines a scanner, copier and printer inside one housing. Furthermore, these can be used in the home or by companies of any size, from small one-room offices to multinationals. Possibly, the world’s top-rated, all-in-one, multifunctional product is the Canon ImageRunner. This range has been among the most popular for many years. And, it is available with many different specifications to suit your company requirements.

We can summarise the company’s features as:

  • The company has traded for over 80 years.
  • Its products are renowned for reliability.
  • All Canon products produce high-quality prints and images.

Canon website

3. Epson

The company, that was to become Epson, Daiwa Kogyo Ltd, started trading in 1942, while its Seiko watch brand began in 1956. However, more to the point, the company first developed the world’s first miniature digital printer in 1968. Then, jump ahead to 1975, and we find the Epson brand name established and beginning to grow into the giant we see today.

Epson has a wide range of digital printers ranging from the small all-in-one Workforce printers. Designed for the home and small business market, these have a throughput of up to 200 pages per month. In contrast, the largest freestanding printers and copiers have a throughput of up to 100,000 pages per month.

We can summarise Epson’s features as:

  • The parent company has traded for almost 80 years, and as Epson, one of the world’s largest photocopier companies, for nearly 50 years.
  • The company is known for the development of groundbreaking digital equipment.
  • Epson targets small and large businesses. Additionally, it also has an extensive range of products for home and small office use.

Epson website

4. HP

Hewlett Packard, or HP, has produced office equipment for over 80 years. However, in the last few years, the company has aimed its LaserJet Series at the small office digital copying and printing market. Generally, the company produces a complete range of commercial computers, monitors, and high paper-output printers and copier ranges. Furthermore, as an added advantage, this top-rated office photocopier and printer supplier makes some of the most environmentally friendly office products on the market. But, it also helps your company’s budget by being cost-effective.

We can summarise HP’s features as:

  • Hewlett Packard has traded for over 80 years.
  • The most popular office models are desktop rather than freestanding.
  • HP markets its products mainly for small office and home use.

HP website

5. Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is one of the top commercial copier makers in the marketplace. Moreover, the company’s products include many good quality photocopiers, available to print in both monochrome and colour. Also, Konica Minolta’s multifunction printers, digital scanners, and similar devices have many top-rated customer reviews. Furthermore, the company takes commercial confidentiality very seriously and offers high-quality security features for companies copying sensitive documents.

We can summarise Konica Minolta’s features as:

  • Trading for at least 16 years.
  • Advanced security on its commercial products.
  • Ideal for those companies with confidential printing and copying requirements.

Konica Minolta website

6. Ricoh

Ricoh has been in business for over 50 years. But, in that time, it has built an enviable reputation for its commercial print and photocopying equipment. Eventually, this culminated in 1990 when the company developed the first colour digital printer to reach a throughput speed of 15 pages per minute.

This photocopier manufacturer targets both small and large businesses. However, its reputation is as a leading manufacturer of digital devices aimed at the larger enterprise.

We can summarise the company’s features as:

  • Trading for over 50 years.
  • Ricoh produces fast printers and copiers.
  • The company targets all size companies. But concentrates on the larger businesses.

Ricoh website

7. Sharp

Sharp has always been one of the popular choices for business users when choosing a commercial photocopier brand. Over time, the company has won many awards for its products and how the purchaser can buy customised photocopying and digital printing equipment to suit their unique commercial requirements. Moreover, Sharp equipment is very advanced yet accessible for non-technical employees to use. Furthermore, many Sharp copiers and printers have touch screen technology and other simple control panels to carry out editing and collating tasks.

We can summarise Sharp’s features as:

  • The company has been in business for over 100 years.
  • Sharp’s equipment is well known for its ease of use.
  • Although the equipment suits any size business, they are especially suited for small businesses.

Sharp website

8. Xerox

Xerox is a US-based business photocopier brand with a name that is almost generic for photocopiers. Moreover, the company has the largest selection of digital printers and colour photocopiers worldwide. Furthermore, although their reputation has been built on the sizeable commercial photocopier, the company is best known nowadays for the all-in-one digital printer.

We can  summarise Xerox’s features as:

  • Xerox has traded for over 100 years.
  • Probably, the company’s all-in-one, multifunction printers are their best-known product.
  • Xerox specialises in multifunction copiers and printers.

Xerox website

What’s Next?

Deciding which brand and size photocopier is best for your business can be challenging, especially if you also have to consider your company’s budget limits.

Therefore, complete the form on this page, and we’ll put you in touch with commercial photocopier suppliers who can advise you on which models to buy. Then, you’ll receive up to 4 quotations so you can choose the right photocopier for your company at the right price.