sharp ar 5620 photocopier review

The AR-5620 is multi function printer that can handle paper up to A3 size. When using this copier you can print in monochrome and scan items in colour. The printing rate is 20 pages per minute and the resolution is 600 x 600 dpi meaning your prints and going to be clear and high quality. This is a fast machine that is compact enough to fit in any office space, has the features to complete a range of jobs and is robust so will last a long time even with constant and high volume usage.

Sharp AR-5620 Photocopier key features:

  • Print (black and white), copy (black and white), scan (colour).
  • Ability to handle (including scan) A3 media
  • Standard 600 sheet paper capacity – can be increased to 1100 sheets.
  • Duplex printing and sorting abilities
  • A printing speed of 20 pages per minute when printing onto A4 and 11 pages per minute when printing onto A3

The AR-5620 is a great choice for businesses who need a reliable, fast and high quality multi-functional printer, the toner cartridges used in this printer have a particularly high life meaning they will last for approximately 16,000 prints. As well as this the printer has a separation roller built in to assist in preventing paper jams meaning your printing jobs will run smoothly and time efficiently.

The first copy takes only 7.2 seconds so you do not have to wait around when using the AR-5620 either. As well as the features that already come included with this model there are also extras you can add on such as the single pass feeder that allows you to make copies automatically from a stack of pages rather than having to place each page by hand, this can help to save time and reduce the number of tedious tasks we are all familiar with.

There are also editing functions on this printer that allow you to check and alter documents before you print them, these options include zoom, margin shift, auto exposure control and text/photo mode. Other beneficial functions include the pre-heat and the automatic power shut-off modes to help you get started quickly and save on power when you are finished printing and copying.

The ability to scan A3 colour documents is extremely efficiency boosting and experience enhancing in terms of document management. Having the ability to scan these larger documents and save them as a digital format makes organisation much easier.


The Sharp AR-5620 is a great black and white printer, copier and scanner that has many versatile and impressive features combined with a good printing speed and high quality results. The features that come as standard with this multi-function printer are so varied that you are sure to find what you need, there are also additional extras that you can choose to include should you feel they are necessary for your business. Overall, this is an efficient, effective and fully featured A3 multi-function printer that is not only easy to use but also produces high quality results.

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