Sharp MX Series

Sharp was founded in 1912 in Japan and ever since its beginnings they have been responsible for creating many original products in a range of product categories. In 1972 they began making photocopiers, and they now focus on business to business products with a range that includes multi-function printers as well as visual interactive boards and software solutions.

Sharp is known for being innovative and produce self-acclaimed “one of a kind” solutions, inspiring new ideas and going above and beyond to give the best technology, connection and communication resolutions. Sharp is one of the global leaders in producing information and business technology solutions.

Sharp MX-M363U

Sharp MX-M363U Copier

The MX-M363U has been designed for simple use, it has a LCD touch screen display that makes every setting and feature easy to find and utilise.

You can even operate the machine from elsewhere using the network connection making it modern and easily accessed by all who need to use it. Not only is it straightforward to operate but it is also highly productive, packed with useful features and has everything a business could need all in one compact and stylish package.


The MX-M363U can print at a speed of 36 prints per minute and has a quick first copy time of 4.6 seconds! The feeder can handle 100 pieces of paper at once and the overall paper capacity of the machine is 1100 sheets.

As standard the machine comes with a printer, scanner and copier but you can opt for document filing and faxing to be included too. With a 20 second warm up time this machine is fast paced and efficient, the general memory of the MX-M363U is 320MB but you can include an optional hard disk that will give you an extra 80GB of memory storage. The prints are high quality with a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi ensuring the result is always crisp, clear and professional regardless of whether or not it has been photocopied.


The MX-M363U comes with some features that you only see on Sharp products, these are; the OSA (Open System Architecture) which gives you the benefit of having network applications available to access through the control panel as well as the ability to access the control panel remotely from a PC. Both of these features are unique to the Sharp range and help to make the MX-M363U as flexible and suited to your businesses needs as possible.

In addition to these features the MX-M363U supports the latest operating systems for network printing as well as Gigabit Ethernet. If you are environmentally conscious you will be pleased to hear that this model is completely free from lead and chromium and also has an energy saving design meaning it goes into standby and uses less than 1W of energy!

All of these features are great but what makes this even better is the end result, you get high resolution images that print even the finest details without losing out on quality. All in all a great, well rounded machine that ticks many boxes for many businesses.


The recommended retail price for the MX-M363U is just under £5,000 (excl. VAT). You can also opt to rent or lease the photocopier as an alternative to buying it.

Sharp Colour High Volume Photocopier

Sharp MX-5110N

Sharp MX-5110N

The MX-5110N is a multi-functional and advanced photocopier that allows you to preview your image in realtime to ensure your documents are always produced as you require them, minimising waste and maximising accuracy.

The 10 inch touch screen display has tilt view and the home screen is fully customisable meaning you can put the icons, backgrounds and display language to how you want them.


The MX-5110N is able to; copy, print, network print, scan, network scan and fax as well as document filing. The copy speed is up to 51 prints per minute (colour printing), the first copy time is between 4 and 8 seconds and the warm up time is less than 34 seconds meaning you can turn the machine on and get large numbers printing in less than a minute.

The photocopier comes with a standard 500 sheet drawer and 100 sheet bypass tray (these are suitable for letters, legal, ledger and statement sizes) making sure you can print large amounts without having to refill the trays. You can also have up to 1000 account users meaning you can keep the departmental uses separate from each other and these can be accessed using a user-number authentication system or a standard login and password.

The copy and scan has a standard 2GB memory and the printer has a 1GB memory, you will also have a 160GB hard drive for storage. You can also expect high quality images with the 1200 x 12000 dpi printing and 600 x 600 dpi copy resolution with the MX-5110N.


The MX-5110N has an ImageSEND function that means you can scan documents to network folders, email addresses, USB devices as well as other locations, this makes the processes more simple and time efficient saving you effort and unnecessary stress.

The MX-5110N also supports Sharp OSA Development Platform meaning you can easily bring together your network application and cloud services to one place, combine this with the ability to completely customise the homescreen of your control panel and it really does bring everything you need together.

The new colour technology that is used with Sharp’s MX series allows for incredible printing that is cost effective and easy to achieve. This model also features Sharp’s security platform which comes with 256 bit data encryption and overwrite protection to ensure your sensitive and confidential data is kept secure.


The recommended retail price for the MX-5110N is just over £15,000 and is available for rental or to be leased too.

Sharp MX-M623U

The MX-M623U is capable of print, copy, fax and storage of documents – it is easy to use and is filled with helpful features. This is a multifunction machine that takes into account all of the extras you may need from storing frequently used settings, giving jobs priority over others, to security and data protection. This is a multi-tasking machine that really has everything you could think of when it comes to a document system.


The MX-M623U can process at a speed of 62ppm and has a very fast copy time of 4 seconds. The standard paper capacity is 2 x 500 sheets, it also has a 2000 sheet tandem letter paper drawer and a 100 sheet bypass tray..

The LCD control panel is 8.5 inches, is colour and touch screen making it simple to use and easy to read, you can also control it remotely on a PC which is a very handy feature. Your printing will be high quality while still maintaining a fast print time (quality is 1,200 x 1,200 dpi). You can print up to 999 copies and you can use a whole host of papers including plain, pre-printed, recycled, pre-punched and coloured paper.

The machine memory is 2GB but the hard drive comes with 80GB of extra storage space to make sure you don’t come unstuck at any time with memory. Like the MX-5110N you can have 1000 account users on this machine.


The MX series M623U juggles all of your jobs for you so you can easily and efficiently access and instruct without becoming confused. It really makes a large job seem as small and simple as possible with it’s impressive features. You can directly print pretty much any file type including; JPEG, PCL, TIFF, PRN, PDF (Including encrypted and compact), TXT, Postscript and XPS, these can be printed via USB, FTP, Web page or email.

The machine has auto duplex meaning less human input and quicker processing times, there’s a blank-page skip to avoid wasted paper and the design of the M623U is environmentally friendly to ensure low power consumption.

There is a job build function that lets you manage large jobs easier as well as a proof copy function so you can do a test document before committing to a large amount of copies. There are additional options available to further improve your experience and features including a retractable keyboard.

This is a versatile, powerful and effortless model that is high powered and produces very high quality results.


The recommended retail price of this model is £19,550 but is also available for renting or leasing allowing you to experience all of the benefits without the high initial investment.

Sharp Product Line Summary

These Sharp photocopiers are all packed full of features and offer the multiple uses of printing, copying, faxing and more.

They are all very straightforward to set up and use, have features to ensure you are always saving on energy and cost and they are incredible versatile and high quality. Each one differs in capabilities but no matter which one you prefer you are going to get a great end result with very little effort.