Canon High Volume Photocopier

A high volume photocopier will provide a business with many benefits; they are designed to copy large amounts of documents on a regular basis so they are made to be durable and they need very little human input to complete the jobs meaning employees can focus on other things while the photocopier is in use. A business can expect to save money as the cost of copying per page is very low, so if you are copying large amounts you will be saving a lot of money.

As an example, if you were to compare the cost of copying with your own machine compared to the cost of an external printing company doing the print for you there would be a big price difference so you’ll be saving money on every copy. There are many additional features that can be included on photocopiers and a lot of these come as standard on the high volume machines, these include finishing features such as stapling, binding and sorting and they make your end product even more professional and impressive. Some other benefits include:

  • Fast copy speed saving time while still producing excellent quality prints.
  • Flexibility of connections – you can connect a photocopier to your computer if needed but it is not necessary.
  • Photocopier memory for quick access and document backup.

A high volume photocopier has been manufactured to be able to handle a lot of copies per minute without damage, quality decrease or a need for maintenance.

This level of photocopier should produce at least 50 prints per minute and the majority of high volume copiers can print between 50 and 90 high quality copies per minute.

There are plenty of reasons a business may decide to invest in a photocopier, if they have frequent copying jobs they would experience time and financial benefits when using a photocopier. Many photocopied documents are used for internal use and circulation within big companies such as newsletters and memos or to produce proof copies prior to the document being externally distributed.

Photocopied documents may also be used for producing promotional material such as brochures (more likely and more effective if a colour copier is being used) or to print invoices, slips or branded letterheads.

A photocopier has many capabilities and these can be used in many ways to advantage the business, however, a company that does not need prints very often may find it more beneficial to lease a photocopier when it is needed rather than pay to have one all the time when it will not be in use.

High Volume Photocopier Prices

A high volume photocopier can be both bought outright or leased. If you were looking at a basic high volume photocopier you can expect to pay £2000, this would be a machine that has fewer features but has the standard services like network printing and double sided copying available.

When you look at machines with more features available the price increases too, a machine at the top of the range could cost close to £15000 and would have many advantageous features such as fax capabilities, document finishing features, large paper capacity and additional security.

How To Source A Reputable Supplier

It is very important that you source a reputable supplier to purchase a high volume photocopier from, there are a fair few around so once you’ve found a few reputable suppliers you could compare prices to ensure you get a great deal.

Many of the manufacturers are also suppliers but you will find many suppliers online, the leading photocopier manufacturers in the UK are: Xerox, Sharp, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta and Brother.

Once you have decided that your business will benefit from a photocopier you should take some time to consider what features you need and the kind of print volume, speed and graphic capabilities (such as resolution and colour) that would best suit you. Popular photocopier features include document enlargement and reduction, finishing features, the ability to save job information and on-board memory.

Extra features can include scanning, fax capabilities and double sided printing. It is also worth consider the paper type and paper sizes you often use to ensure the photocopier you decide on can print on those papers. Finally, work out your printing budget and weigh up the pros and cons of buying and renting to figure out the best route for your business to take – suppliers can also offer advice here if needed.

With all of this information you will be able to request an accurate and tailored quote that will find you the best photocopiers for your business. Providing more information will not online streamline the process but will also help to save you more money in the long run as you’ll have a photocopier that is perfect for your needs.